3D Print your Toy - Now!

How Toyfabb works for you as a Customer

As a customer of ToyFabb you can easily find and buy each published 3D Design that you then can produce on your own 3D Printer at home or via 3D Printing Services..

1. Select 3D Design

2. Buy

3. Make

Select a 3D Design that you want to buy Pay with PayPal (more payment options available soon) You will get the 3D Design for 3D-Printing either as:
  • STL-file (for 3D Printing on your own 3D Printer or via other 3D Printing services)
  • G-code securely streamed directly to your 3D-Printer 
    (requires an own 3D Printer connected to your computer)* 

You have no own 3D Printer? No problem. If you buy the design as downloadable STL-File you can get your part produced on a free 3D Printer near you. Find available local 3D Printing resources at 3DHubs. Or you can send the STL file for production to any 3D Printing service provider like Shapeways, Sculpteo, iMaterialize or others.

Please find the most frequent questions and answers in the FAQ. (If you are a 3D Toy Designer please find all information here)

3D Designs provided by ToyFabb are only for private purpose. The full copyright resides with the Designer who provided the 3D Design. Any commercial usage is forbidden.

* currently supported 3D Printers for streaming (single nozzle printers):

  • Makerbot Replicator (2, 3 and 4th Gen)
  • Ultimaker 1, Ultimaker 2
  • Type A Machine
  • Printrbot
  • Re:3D
  • Leapfrog
  • other Rep-rap based single nozzle printers

Dual Nozzle as well as few other 3D Printers will be supported soon.