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FAQ - Most frequent Questions & Answers for ToyFabb Customers

Q: How safe is a 3D printed toy for my children?

A: We want to assure the safety of 3D printed toys as far it is possible at the current state-of-the art what regards recommendations for safe printing materials and respective printers. Yet in personal manufacturing, the ultimate choice is with the consumer who selects the materials and follows the printer recommendations. Keeping this in mind, we can give no guarantee and can take no legal responsibility for the security of toys bought on ToyFabb.

Q: How does ToyFabb ensure the quality of the 3D models?

A: Each 3D model is firstly being checked for solid surfaces and other criteria as wall thickness required for 3D printing. In addition all 3D models have been produced on the most common 3D printers before they will be published on Toyfabb.

Q: In which file-format do I get a purchased 3D Design?

A: Currently designers can choose between a downloadble STL-file or Streaming. In case of streaming you will get the 3D Design directly streamed to your own 3D Printer that is connected to your computer. STL files can be 3D printed as often as you like to whereas a stremed design can only be printed for one time.

Q: How does the streaming of 3D-Designs work?

A: If you find a 3D-Design and in the detail description at '3D-Design availabilty' it is stated 'Secure G-code streaming' then you will get the 3D-Design not as STL file, instead the instructions for 3D-Printing are streamed to your 3D-Printer. You can just start printing without taking care of all the required settings for a perfect 3D Print.

In order to get the Design printed, please follow these steps after purchasing the 3D-Design. The software automatically prepares the 3D-Design depending of your selected 3D Printer and settings (slicing, incl. support if required).:

  1. Connect your 3D-Printer to your computer and turn it on.
  2. In the list of your bought designs click on the link "Click to start 3D Printing via secure streaming".
  3. The software for streaming starts (you may be requested to install a small software if not already existing).
  4. Select your 3D-Printer, the 3D Printing filament (PLA or ABS), the diameter of the filament and the print quality.
  5. Click start to print to get you 3D-Design printed.

Q: Which 3D Printers are supported for streaming of bought 3D Designs?

A: As of May 2014 these 3D Printers can be used to get a 3D Design streamed for 3D Printing:

Single Nozzle 3D-Printers:
  • Makerbot Replicators 2 (2nd, 3rd and 4th Gen)
  • Ultimaker 1, Ultimaker 2
  • Type A Machines 1
  • Printrbot Plus
  • Printrbot Metal Simple
  • Robo 3D
  • Leapfrog
  • Tinkerine Ditto+
  • Tinkerine Ditto Pro
  • other Rep-rap based single nozzle printers. 
By the end of June 2013 Dual Nozzles as well as few other 3D Printers will be supported.  

Q: After purchasing a 3D Design for streaming the print on my 3D Printer has failed. Can I print it again?

A: In case you’ve received a 3D Design as STL file for download you can just print it again. In case you have purchased a file of which the g-Code (printing instructions) is streamed directly to your 3D Printer, our system is aware of the failed print and you will see a message directly on your computer. Please write in the memo field why you think the 3D print has failed. After submitting your comment we analyze our logfiles. If all is ok you will get a the g-Code of your purchased 3D Design again streamed to your computer. In case of further questions we will contact you.

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