3D Print your Toy - Now!

3D Printing?

Home Manufacturing

3D printing is a technology that allows you to manufacture real objects from a digital 3D design with one mouse-click.

Good consumer 3D Printers start for 800€ and allow everyone to become a producer.

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How It Works


How Toyfabb works

ToyFabb is your online marketplace for 3D toy designs that you can produce on your own 3D Printer.

Select, purchase and get your 3D design instantly for 3D Printing at home.

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Sell Your Toy


Sell your 3D Toy Designs

Are you a toy designer or a toy company and want to participate in the 3D Printing revolution? ToyFabb is your place to get started.

ToyFabb provides shop-in-shop functionality and protection of your intellectual property.

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